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PVC Bondage Opera Gloves

If complete arm control is what you need, then these pvc bondage gloves are the perfect solution.

Made in soft pu-pvc, with pvc straps at the top of the arm and wrist too, which are secured with a padlock, (padlocks not included). Once the arms are encased and secured there really is no escape.

These beautiful gloves are optionally lined in silky shiny satin for a sensual feeling for the wearer!

Choose the length you want (from middle fingertip to end of glove, in inches) so you can have elbow style gloves to full opera length style!

They can also have an optional lace trim at the tops as shown.

Use the 2 D-rings that are attached at the end of the gloves for securing the arms together or to other objects. The options are limited only to the imagination.

Please tell us the length you want the gloves (in INCHES) from the tip of your middle finger to the ends of the gloves.

PVC Bondage Opera Gloves

PVC Bondage Opera Gloves

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