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Bondage Serving Tray and Collar

The ultimate body serving tray for a sissy or French maid submissive to impress their Mistress or Master.

The body tray features, a high neck adjustable buckle leather posture collar with a large D-ring and O-ring at the center to attach a leash. D-rings on each corner of the collar which an adjustable leather strap that has an overlay of lace and large jingle bells, the straps have swivel clasps on each end that clips onto the collar and onto the tray.

The wooden tray is curved to fit your body and with a wide leather buckle belt that fits around your waist.

The tray is trimmed with leather and has a top lip so that whatever your serving stays on the tray.

It is beautifully (optionally) trimmed all around the tray with an elasticated edging cover made of wide pleated lace and large jingle bells and satin hanging bows.

Bondage Serving Tray and Collar

Bondage Serving Tray and Collar

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